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        We built this site in a purpose to complete an English project in our school. This site is dedicated to everyone who surf their browser to this link, for Batamnesse people and tourist, and especially for our English teacher Mr. Kumar.

          Why did we choose Batam as the topic of our web? That’s because we live in Batam, and besides, we should know more about our place. By designing this website, we got lots of  information about our city. Well, there are plenty of beautiful city in the whole world. We still can choose other city. And again, we chose Batam because we love our country Indonesia. And this site maybe can be a promotion and drag more people to visit Indonesia, especially Batam.

I hope this site can grow and active not only for the English project.

Even we use a free domain, it doesn’t mean we don’t care about the site. We will try continue to upgrade this site to be more perfect.


We say thanks for all who have been include and supporting in case of  building this website and upgrading it.

We also say thanks for all people who have visited our site.





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