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Laptop and Pcs created by Senior high school student in Batam

BATAM - To popularize the PC or laptop computer (notebook) among students and community Batam, SMK Negeri 1 Batam provide relief. As a manufacturer of laptop computers and school assemblies provide convenience to those interested to buy on credit without interest.

"We give credit without interest," said Chief SMK Negeri 1 Batam Jonizar Djabar when found in the school SMK Negeri 1 Batam is located in Batuaji recently excited.
Jonizar Djabar explained, credit is given to students and citizens who really clear status.

"Before getting partners to work together on this, while we will select those who deserve credit as well as laptop computers this school assembly results later," he said.

He was deeply grateful to the governments of Batam has opened up opportunities with plans to establish a Public Service Agency (BLU) in its own care processes revolving fund that is run by PMK-SMEs as Patnership.

The school is also willing to accommodate buyers in large quantities. "If anyone would like a lot is fine, we can provide. Of course the quality can still be relied on," she said, promote.

Still according to Jonizar, computers or laptops can be expanded Advan brand kids students in accordance with buyer demand. Buyers stay just mentioned specifications. "In the near future your request is available," he said.

Regarding the price, said Jonizar quite competitive, even much cheaper price than the market. For example the price for a PC with specifications LG LCD monitor (18.5 "Green), dual-core Intel processors 2:20 GHz, 160 GB SATA hard drive, 1 GB DDR2 memory, DVD SuperMulti, and 3D optical mouse sold only Rp3, 95 million.

While Vanbook laptop (10 "LED screen) with the specification processor 1.6 Ghz intel atom, intel 945ME, 160 GB SATA Hardisk, Memory 1 GB DDR RAM @, Audio, WIFI, Super Web Cam, Card Reader 4in1, battery stand 3 hours and bluetooth only appreciated Rp3, 2 million.

Type GD-42 (12 'LED Screen) with specifications intel dual core processor 2:20 Ghz/800 Mhz, wifi, super web cam, 4 in 1 card reader, and piano black coating appreciated Rp5.5 million. As for the type of GT-65 (12 "LED Screen), 1 GB DDR II RAM, 160 GB SATA HDD, inter core 2 Duo T6500 2.1 GHz, wife, webcam, piano black coating, HDMI, and the soft touch Adjustment appreciated only Rp5, 7 million.

Looking ahead, the price would be much cheaper because the ingredients will be imported directly from China. "Later we can sell for half of the price now," he concluded. (ray)

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  Robot outreach Fire By Indonesian college-student

Joadvic's robots

  A small robot is projected to help people deal with the fire disaster.

Great fire of a building or home is very possible, especially in cities heavily populated. In Indonesia, the cases often take casualties, including victims of material that is not spelled out numbers.

In most cases, the deaths are often caused by the slow handling. Cars firefighters often are unable to reach the location due to dense residential areas. The high-rise building also makes the firefighters are not always able to reach them.

This condition then worsened the disaster. Fire points far from the reach can not be handled so that the disaster is becoming larger. The fire became out of control and spread to the living or the surrounding buildings. This concern is then to motivate the students Batam Polytechnic University. They found the idea to create a tool capable of reaching the smallest points during a fire accident occurs. In accordance with the purpose of its scope, this tool was deliberately created in the form of tiny. Finally born a small tool in the form of nan mighty robot.

Robot by students Batam Polytechnic College was named Joadvic's. The toaol is deliberately created to find the source of the fire and then put it out. The existence of Joadvic's expected to help firefighters teamwork, especially to reach the narrow locations that can not be achieved by humans.

Joadvic's a robot work student who won a national smart robot contest held at the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, on June 2009. Thanks to his ability, Joadvic's succeeded in becoming the third national champion in the contest.

Polytechnic student supervisor Batam Hendawan Soebakti
explain the creation of robots that students are deliberately designed to find the sources of fire in a narrow location that can not be reached by the firemen. Joadvic's next task is to extinguish the fire.

To find the hidden fire, Joadvic's equipped with infrared eye that serves as Tron and ultraviolet (UV) which can sniff out a fire from a distance. This robot is equipped with legs built from 14 motor serva that allows the robot to walk and can carry a heavy load up to 3 pounds. Then, as the processor, built micro controller equipped with six units of the sensor as a bookmark. In the infrared there head and a fan that serves to extinguish the fire.

According Hendawan, Joadvic's a fire extinguisher robot first generation became the third winner in the national intelligent robot competitions this year. To improve it, now Batam Polytechnic team is building a robot Joadvic's second generation which will be included in the same contest in Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung province, in May 2010.

"Since 2005 we have always followed the race Indonesian Robot Contest and Indonesia Intelligent Robot Contest. And this year we managed to become champion three, and the target next year or the winner of two first place, "said the newspaper Hendawan Jakarta some time ago.

Although it looks simple, Hendawan said, the process of creating a robot is complex and takes up nearly a year. The process starts from the formation of the team, making the design, making design, process simulation, to test.
The cost for one unit Joadvic's range of tens of millions of rupiah. However, Batam Polytechnic sponsorship support for this research project.

Robot Goreyzer
In addition Joadvic's, Batam Polytechnic students have created a robot that has the same function with Joadvic's. The difference, Joadvic's using the leg, while using the wheel Goreyzer. Compared with Joadvic's, Goreyzer movements faster and agile. But unfortunately, not Goreyzer won the same race.

Muhammad Syafei Gozali, which was his best student Goreyzer maker, said Joadvic's like, the robot is also equipped with sensors, infrared, UV Tron, and motor serva. However, the motion does not use the legs, but using a wheel that can reach 77 meters per minute. Much faster than Joadvic's. With the movement has, the robot is able to dispel the obstacles, such as wood or stone.

To activate Goreyzer work, simply by using sound activation or a specific sound effects that can stimulate the processor to work and move the robot's body. Unlike the Joadvic's a way of enabling it to use the keypad.

"To enable these robots, we make the format sound effects in order for the robot recognized. Then when we ring the sound effects, the robot automatically moves, "he said.

According to Syafei, in addition to the two robots, Batam Polytechnic created a lot of other robots. And this year, the students were also creating a variety of robots that have the same function, namely to find and extinguish fires. "But that second-generation robots will be made with more sophisticated technology and the existing skin packaging that will physically look more attractive." According Syafei, the most difficult part in making the initial design of robots is because the process will be determined format, shape, and technology will be used. In addition, the originality should be prioritized. Do not let a robot that was created had already been made by others. For technological applications, Politeknik Batam already have experience, majors, as well as specialized courses so that students who scored able to create a robot. The student will be guided a lecturer in charge
provide guidance and input on the technology could be used. (BT/L-4)

Writer News: (BT/L-4)



Joadvic's Politeknik Robot