History and Issues

Old Batam in Eyes of its People (interesting story from sources)

 We asked some people about interesting history in Batam. We interview a person who has lived in Batam since 1970s. (Sakti's mom)
according to her, at the time when she was a child, in 1970s, Batam is just an island with a few people in there. All of them lived in houses on the coast. They lived in stage house that has a pole in the house in order so that their homes are not exposed to sea water. They eat seafood and vegetables everyday.
"At night, i always went out with my uncle to found some shrimps, we put lights on the side of our boat, suddenly shrimps coming to the lights. At noon i went to hill to wait for some truck with eggs in its trunk. Eggs fell down, so me and my friends took it for free. There was no pollution, the air was clean, the sky was bright and the water was blue. That was Batam".

We also asked a man who had stayed in Batam since 1990s. (Mr. Eddy)
According to his
statement about Batam. He said that there are nobody wants to go out after 6 at night. Its too dangerous and too scary. There was lots of war between tribes. He told us that the most scary is Bataknesse tribe against Flores's tribes. "I was walking with my friends in Nagoya, then suddenly there was a fight in front us. We were very scared, they use machetes, knives, and arrows. We run as fast as we can. My friends got hit by an arrow. That was terrible. The tribes are always hung on the street, they stopped cars and bikes to see the faces of the drivers, if they found their enemy, the would kill them."

Thats was a bad thing i think, but. people always have solutions, and finally the war end with the help of
Indonesian national army.
Until now, there is no war between tribes because we have known and
accept each other.


Batam island was first inhabited by people called the people wilt strait since the year 231. The island had a field Admiral Hang Nadim struggle against these invaders used by the government in the 1960s as a petroleum logistics base in Pulau Sambu.

In the 1970s, with the initial purpose of making Batam as its Singapore Indonesia, in accordance Presidential Decree number 41 year 1973, Batam Island established as a working environment in industrial areas supported by the Industrial Development Authority Batam Island or better known as the Batam Authority Board (BOB) as a driver of development Batam

As the rapid development of Batam Island, in the 1980s, according to Government Regulation No. 34 year 1983, Batam districts that are part of the Riau Archipelago district, upgraded to the status of Batam municipality has a task in running the government administration and social and development undertaken mendudukung
Batam Authority.

In the era of reform in the late decades of the 1990s, by Act number 53 of 1999, the Batam municipality administrative changes to the status of autonomous region of Batam City Government to carry out the functions of government and development by including Batam Authority Board

another side of eyes say this :
The history of Batam is quite different from the history in other cities in Indonesia. Batam started to be developed since the early 1970s as a logistics and operational base for oil and natural gas by pertamina. Then, based on Presidential Decree No. 41 in 1973, Batam's development was entrusted to the government agency called the Industrial Development Authority Batam Island or lebigh known as Batam Authority.

Development of Batam Island is divided into several periods. The first period of the year 1971-1976 period known as Preparation led by Dr.Ibnu Sutowo. The second period was the consolidation period (1976-1978) led by Prof.Dr.JB.Sumarlin, after it was Peride Infrastructure Development and Investment, which lasted for 20 years. That year 1978-1998, which is chaired Prof.Dr.BJ. The next Leadership Habibie JE Habibie held by the months March to July 1998. This period is known as the Infrastructure Development and Investment Continued. Then, since the year (1998-2005), under the leadership of Abdullah called Period Ismeth Development Infrastructure Development and Investment with Advanced greater attention to the welfare of the people and improving the investment climate. Later years (2005-2006) held by Mustofa Wijaya as interim and permanent officials confirmed today.