Interesting Places

Barelang Bridge.

barelang bridge from the air
  Barelang Islands consists of 6 islands south of Batam. Barelang gets its name as an acronym from 3 of the island's names - Batam, Rempang & Galang

The 6 islands are Tonton Island, Nipah Island, Setotok Island, Rempang Island, Galang Island and Galang Baru Island

Bridge construction started in 1992 and took several years to complete as there were no roads on the islands or any other infrastructure.

During construction a main road was built that runs down through the center of each island, with roads branching off to various locations. It is about a 40 min trip from the 1st bridge to the end of the last island

The bridges have been named after rulers of the Melayu & Riau Kingdoms that ruled during the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries

The 1st bridge is called Tengku Fisabilillah Bridge and joins Batam and Tonton Island. The bridge is just over 640 meters long and is a cable stayed type bridge.

It is a very popular place for locals & tourists, as the bridge is almost 40 meters above the water and provides spectacular ocean & island views.

Barelang Islands are approximately the following distance from these locations:

  • 30 mins from Hang Nadim Airport
  • 30 mins from Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal, Batu Ampar
  • 35 mins from Batam Center Ferry Terminal, Batam Center
  • 40 mins from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, Sekupang
  • 30 mins from Waterfront City Ferry Terminal, Waterfront City
  • 50 mins from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, Nongsa

crowded in barelang

Ocarina- Beach and Games

For local and foreign tourists that the country will visit Batam, there is now a mega entertainment tours to spend time with family or just take a walk. Mega tourism is located in the Ocarina and the Batam Center.

In this place there are various kinds of entertainment and restaurants (food court) that varies. Starting from the area for skateboarding or basketball, the path for pedestrians directly overlooking the sea. On this path there are also statues symbolizing the 12 zodiac horoscop China. There is also a playground for children complete with game-playing. And one more vehicle Waterpark and 3-D theater that had just opened on December 13, 2009 then. Waterpark Ocarina these plans will be targeted as a tourist icon Sumatra.

If the BSD Tangerang his vehicle Waterpark 2400 square meters area, the area was built in Batam 3400 square meters which can accommodate up to thousands of visitors. Waterpark Development that took place during 2009 in addition to being the largest in Indonesia, also will be built a number of facilities that will be able to add a sense of curiosity of visitors.

Hopefully there can be comparable to Ocarina Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta.
All that can be realized if the government supports it go.


Camp Vietnam a Historical Place

  Vietnam Village, a former Vietnamese Refugee Camp, was built by Vietnamese “Boat People” that escaped the war in Vietnam by boat, and arrived at Galang Island in 1976 and occupied the village until 1995

Around 250,000 Vietnamese occupied the camp during its 19 year history, with most eventually gaining asylum in Australia or Canada, while others were returned back to Vietnam under emotional circumstances

The Vietnamese built several buildings and temples during their stay; these have now been preserved and made into a tourist attraction. There are some replica boats of the ones used by the Boat people to flee from their homeland.

A Church and the Quan Am Tu Quil Buddhist Temple (built in 1984) are still used by worshippers today, and is one of Batam most visited attractions. The Khong Pan Su Cam

Yao administration building, a clinic, and social services complex & youth center were built and ran by the refugees.

View the Ngha Trang Memorial Wall, built as a tribute to the boat people of Vietnam; or visit the Galang Museum with its many interesting artifacts.

Today the camp remains preserved for visitors to stroll amongst, and read & view the camp history from many of the displayed paintings and documents


intersection of  Rujak, or Simpang Rujak Street.

There are about 20 carts on the curb of the main road. Lots of people there. They sell food called "Rujak". Rujak is foods containing added fruit with peanut sauce, sugar acids, finely ground chili. (Salad of Indonesia). It's taste GREAT. They open since 10 in the morning until 6 at night. It's cheap, only Rp 6000 (six thousand rupiah) each portion.
Most of the seller are women. This place is for u that like to eat spicy food! u're gonna sweat like a racing horse!