In this Sub website, we put 3 best malls in Batam. Nagoya hill, BCS, and Mega mall.

BCS - Batam City Square Mall

  BCS is located in Penuin area in Batam. If you intend to stay in that area, one of the hotel that you can stay is the Hotel 89. This is a 155 rooms hotel which is close to BCS. If you are walking to BCS, I would say it takes approx 20 minutes from the hotel. Besides the BCS mall, there is another old mall called the Plaza Top 100 which is also nearby.Over the weekends, you can see quite a number of Singaporeans as well as the local chinese Indonesians coming to this mall. But during the weekdays, this mall is relatively quiet.This mall also has a cinema, and its also has a bowling court.

So is the BCS mall worth visiting? Yes, if you have the time to spare. You can spend a couple of hours shopping and having a good meal at this mall. Perhaps another hour for haircut or manicure or massage. Taxis are readily available just outside the mall if you are carrying lots of shopping bags or just want a ride back to your hotel.

Mega Mall Batam Center

This mall is located in front of harbour bay. It's also have a connection room with the harbour. Lots of tourist in this mall, most of them are Singaporean.
Its also has a big cinema in the top flour.
And, if u re lucky, sometimes you can see some breakdancer training in that mall. It has lots of elite things. This mall often make some event, they invite some bands and other things like that.

  Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall Batam

Nagoya Hill
  There is another new kid on the block, another new shopping mall has sprung up in Batam.
It is called the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall or some refer to it as the Nagoya Hill SuperBlock. No, the mall is not located on top of a treacherous hill, so there are no hill or steep slopes to climb to reach this mall.
The mall is located in the center of Nagoya townand very near to Nagoya Plaza Hotel
}The mall is low rise one, with rows of shop houses opposite the main mall itself. The design of the row of shophouses is unique - I particularly like the roof. I was there during the Sunday afternoon, and there were many local people at the mall. There are 2 anchor tenants - Matahari and Hypermart. These are 2 giant retail stores in Indonesia. So when the stores are there, the shoppers will come. Hypermart is located at the basement of this mall. Normally I liked to buy food items from Hypermart, because it is cheap and fresh. The store sells everything from food, clothes, medicine to LCD TV and PC. I like the bakery counter because they offer a wide variety of bread and cakes. This mall also has a big food court and a Cinema on the top flour.