Social Life of Batam


Governor of Batam : Ismeth Abdullah

Vice governor of Batam : HM Sani

Mayor of Batam : Ahmad Dahlan

Mayor vice of Batam : Ria Saptarika

tourism agency heads : Guntur Sakti

Head of Chairman of Parliament : H. Surya Sardi, ST

Economic and Development Assistant, Drs. H. Syamsul Bahrum, Amp, Msi, Phd

General Administration Assistant Drs.Maaz Ismail, M. Si

Sekretariat DPRD Batam City Guntur Sakti. S. Sos, M. Si

Regional Development Planning Board Darussalam Ir Wan, M. Sc, Phd

Inspector Inspectorate Drs. Hartoyo, M. Si

Environmental Impact Management Agency Ir. A. Dendi Purnomo

Investment Board, Drs. Pirma Marpaung

Communication and Information Agency Muramis, SE

Employment and Training Agency Husnul Hafil, S. Sos

Public Works Department Ir.Harry Roekanto

Department of Health Mawardi Dr. Badr, MM

Education Department, Drs. Muslim Bidin, MM

Marine Department, Fisheries Agriculture and Forestry drh. Suhartini,

Department of Transportation Yazid, SE.MM

Department of Industry, Trade, Energy and Mineral Resources Ahmad Hijazi, SE.M.Si

Office of Population and Civil Registration Drs.Sadri Khairudin, MM

Social Service And Funeral Drs. M. Syuzairi, M. Si

Regional Land Agency Drs.Buralimar, M. Si

Community Empowerment Office, Market Cooperatives and Small Pebrialin, SE.MM

Labor Department Rudi Syakyakirti, SH.M.Hum

Department of Tourism and Culture Raja Muchsin, SE

Office Cleaning And Gardening Drs.Azwan, M. Si

Revenue Service Raja Supri, S. Sos

Politics of National Unity and Community Protection Drs.Zulhendri, M. Si

Women's Empowerment Agency Family Planning And Dra. Nurmadiah,
M. Pd
Expert Staff of the City Administration,
the Bulk TransportInformation Technology Yusron And Roni, SE.M.Si

Expert Staff for Political, Legal & Government Drs.Nurman, M. Si

Staff Economic Development And Investment Drs. Prosperous M, M. Pd

Expert Staff Trade And Commerce Administration Ir.Abang Muzni

Expert Staff of Social Welfare Drs. Anwar Ujang, M. Si

Office of Youth and Sports Drs.Jefriddin, M. Pd

Office of Public Library And Archives Drs.Aunar Karimsu

Zulhelmi Fire Department, AMP

Office of Civil Services Police Unit Drs.Azman, MP

General Part Firmansyah, S.Sos.M.Si

Finance Section Erwinta Marius, SE.Akt

Part Protocol Maromon Martin, S. Sos

Equipment and Asset Section Salim, S. Sos

Governance part Drs. Said Khaidhar

For Law Section Hasfinul, nst, SH.M.Si

Section A Amsakar Organization, S.Sos.M.Si

Drs PR department. Hendri Yusfa

Program Development Section Djohar Drs.Ismet

Economic Section Napitupulu Rudolph, BA
Part Welfare Drs. M. Syahir

General Part Setwan Asril, S. Sos

Division of Law and Court Rida Setwan Mulyadi, SH

Section Setwan Aspawi Nagali, S. Sos

Of Public Relations and Protocol Setwan Drs. Tajuddin

policeman near his office traffic lights
Almost all near the square of the traffic lights in Batam that has a police office. They always keep an eye to people who break the laws. Well, its very rare for accident to happen in the square, but its happened often in places with small roads.

Districts in Batam

12 Districts in Batam
• BelakangPadang
• Batu Ampar
• Sekupang
• Nongsa
• Bulang
• Lubuk Baja
• Sei Beduk
• Galang
• Bengkong
• Batam Kota
• Sagulung
• Batuaji

Specific info.

  Land area 715 km ²


 · Total 988,555

inhabitants (Dec 2009)

   Density 38,661 / km ²


 · District 12
 Population / village 64

Telephone area code 0778 and 0770

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